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Answers to frequently asked questions

I’ve put together a whole page of commonly asked questions, but here’s a quick overview of the most common ones:

  • I work on a monthly payment structure – this reduces the paperwork required compared with working weekly.
  • I am able to accept multiple currencies as payment. I can accept USD, EUR, GBP and MYR. I can accept payments via Bank Transfer (I love to use Transferwise). Other currencies may be available on request, let’s talk about it. I like to avoid PayPal where possible.
  • For giving me instructions, I am happy to use my own email, an email provided by you (i.e. my own GSuite account within your company), or a planning tool like Notion or Trello (I find Trello to often be best).
  • It’s best to provide clear instructions of what you want and expect from each task you set – we’ll discuss this when setting you up.
  • I advise clients to create screen recording videos and upload to YouTube to explain tasks. If you stop using me for any reason, you then have the explanation videos already made for your next assistant.
  • I am happy to have meetings / calls for you to set tasks, but this is billable time.
  • I don’t offer any call answering or calling services.

Additional information

My current location: London
My timezone: UTC+1
Approximate working hours: 9am-9pm
Working days: Monday to Friday

I have clients from all over the world, and never once has working hours been an issue with fulfilling tasks.