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Hello Gabby is a virtual assistant agency helping entrepreneurs tackle their to-do list whilst they focus on growing their business

Hello Gabby is a virtual assistant service helping entrepreneurs tackle their to-do list whilst they focus on what matters.

A virtual assistant helps you with your daily tasks – whether it’s admin tasks, dealing with orders, updating a website, sending newsletters, and a whole lot more. These tasks are the backbone of your business and need to be done, but very often aren’t where the money and growth is, and shouldn’t be where you, the business owner, is spending their time.

Hello Gabby can help you grow your business without the overheads, expense, and pains of employing staff. We do the tasks you don’t want to do, help your business succeed, and allow you to free-up your time. Hello Gabby helps entrepreneurs to do things that don’t scale!

We offer a scaling outsourcing solution for your growing business – allowing us to take on as many tasks as you require in a professional, efficient, confidential manner. Our team is fully remote and from all over the world, so we’re flexible, which is exactly what your growing business needs.

Stop the “busywork” and say Hello Gabby to start outsourcing your tasks. Get in touch and see how I can help.

We help business owners tackle their to-do list.

Hire us so you can focus on what really matters.

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Some of the tasks we can help with:

Website updates

Updating websites using online web tools like WordPress and SquareSpace - updating posts, custom post types, and pages.


Updating/creating products or processing orders using ecommerce software like Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.

Social media

Let us handle your social media updates, find content, schedule posts using tools like HootSuite and Buffer, and "like"/reply to activity.


Using Mailchimp and ConvertKit or similar tools, we can put together newsletters or emails, schedule them and send them.

Image editing

We can carry-out image editing using online image tools like Canva, PhotoScape X and programs like Photoshop.

Video creation

Basic editing, like cropping/cutting videos, creating intros, adding music, transcripting, webinars; mostly using iMovie.

Lead generation

We can collate contact details, and then outreach to contacts via email, as well as follow-up and create new leads on your behalf.


Let us make sure your website meets standard SEO needs; adding meta descriptions, alt/title tags, headings, managing keyword density and working with Yoast.

Admin tasks

Checking and answering your emails, booking travel, web research, data entry, data cleaning, invoicing, collation, scheduling.

Everything else

We are always learning. Tell us what you need, and we'll do our best to help you. We're fast learners. What do you need to get done today?

A virtual personal assistant at your service

Hey, I’m Gabby and I’m a virtual assistant for entrepreneurs, coaches, & business owners. Think of me as a virtual worker, or an internet-based personal assistant; your personal VA to offload tasks from your day-to-day workload and trust me to complete it.

I can understand your instructions, think for myself and take initiative, help your customers, and ultimately help your business grow! I can do all those jobs that you don’t want to do, plus help your business succeed.

Experience with working with entrepreneurs

I’ve been working with and around entrepreneurs and businesses for many years, so my work experience has allowed me to know and understand what most entrepreneurs, startups and digital nomads need help with. I utilise a team of assistants to help me complete your tasks, each one vetted by my own high standards. This also means that I can take on as much or as little as you require in a professional, efficient, confidential manner – being able to be flexible is exactly what your business needs, so we’re here for you.

A fully remote team

I am a big believer in remote work. I worked in an office with unflexible hours for too long to then repeat that mistake at my own company. Remote work uses the internet to connect people instead of being in an office. Hello Gabby is a remote-first company, so my team and I can work from anywhere – literally anywhere – as long as there is internet.

I am currently based in Malaysia, my timezone is UTC+8. My customers seem to love this as it means, for example, a client in London can send me tasks before they leave the office and then wake up to find them done in the morning. We really do let you make money while you sleep!

More about Gabby

I was born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia on the island of Borneo. English is my first language, so there’s no problem understanding you, reading your instructions or you understanding me. I speak a few other languages (including Mandarin) and learning and understanding languages is a hobby of mine. I love to travel (working with so many digital nomads has really inspired me!).

Whichever place in the world I work from, I pay to use a professional coworking space that has fibre internet, so I don’t have issues staying online. I use a Macbook Air, so can handle whatever task is thrown at me. Sending tasks to me via email is fine, but I also like to use Trello with clients to help them organise their tasks, get feedback and help prioritise. I invoice weekly or monthly and can accept various currencies.

Ready to get started? Tell me more about your requirements and let's start talking:

Work with me
  • “I needed help generating and contacting potential leads. Gabby was fantastic at taking a load of that weight off my shoulders. She was proactive, professional and incredibly diligent.”

    Luke Kelly

    Luke Kelly,
    Founder & Creative Director at Airborne Studio

  • “Gabriela was my first digital assistant and I was very happy with her work. She was always easy to reach, a real pleasure to talk to and performed her tasks promptly and responsibly.”

    Reuben Yap

    Reuben Yap,
    Chief Operating Officer at Zcoin

  • “As a solopreneur, what I appreciate the most is that she often suggests ways to improve my process or my activities. Any business owner would be lucky to have Gabby as their VA.”

    Benedicte Flouriot

    Benedicte Flouriot,
    Career & Leadership Coach

  • “The level of service you provide is simply outstanding. I wasn't left waiting for days and you actually got back to me faster than I could keep up with my emails.”

    Ramon Janssen

    Ramon Janssen,

  • “Gabby expertly filled the role of virtual assistant for my company by overseeing all the back office of my business.”

    Benedicte Flouriot

    Benedicte Flouriot,
    Career & Leadership Coach

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